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C is for Camping

September 16, 2012

If perfect weather is predicted for a free weekend in the spring or fall, the Henrys are going camping! We love to get out and really enjoy the weather while it lasts. I’m definitely a fair weather camper. I don’t go when it’s too hot or too cold. So it’s a special treat when good weather falls on a free weekend. We take advantage of it, pack up our gear and the dogs – and take off! We love the adventure. Sometimes we go with close friends or family. Most of the time we like to go by ourselves. We are both introverts who love people and work with people. So we have to get away to recharge, to retreat, to get refreshed. To unplug. Sometimes we go hiking or canoeing. Sometimes Patrick goes fishing while I read, write, draw or take pictures. We do a lot of sitting and thinking. Some talking. A lot of soaking in nature. A lot of staring at the fire. A lot of listening…as nature speaks of the amazing details and beauty of God’s creation. …As God speaks of stillness, regeneration, growth. Of peace. Of seasons. Of life.

One of our favorite camping spots is near the White River. The very tall pine trees in this campground provide lots of shade and a wonderful pine scent. We snatched up the chance to get out this past weekend. Here are a few pictures of the campsite and my attempts at camping family photos!

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